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Westchester County Flooring

Westchester Hardwood Flooring - Sanding and Refinishing in Westchester County NY

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"We are not just floors, but the concierge of your dream design."

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The Couture Floor Company in Mahopac, NY on Houzz
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To serve our valued flooring customers better, we travel nation wide, to provide the highest quality installations of hardwood flooring, exotic wood flooring, tile flooring, natural stone, marble, luxury vinyl flooring including Coretec and eco-friendly flooring options as well.  Please call for specific pricing if you're located outside the New York/Connecticut area.

The Couture Floor Companyis proud to serve across the Nation, making each home more beautiful with quality flooring, tailored to each customers individual needs and vision. 
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Wood Floor installation

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Company Profile

The Couture Floor Company

"We are not just floors, 

but the concierge of your dream design."


Our Mission:

Our Areas of expertise:  

Hardwood Floor Installation;                                                      Sanding and Refinishing

Hardwood flooring repair;                                                           Dustless sanding;

Feng Shui design and recommendations;                                   Custom layouts,

Green and eco-friendly flooring installation;                             Flooring Inlays,

Custom hardwood flooring designs,                                            Herringbone,

Domestic, Exotic and Reclaimed hardwood installation;          Chevron;

Custom hardwood flooring designs;                                            Flooring Borders;

Luxury and classic flooring layouts;                                           Flooring Pendants;

Straight and Diagonal layouts;                                                    ​Tile flooring installation;

 Tile and natural stone installation;                                            ​Kitchen backsplashes;​

Bathroom Remodels;                                                                    Basement Remodels;


The Couture Floor Company is focused on giving our customers a beautiful floor, whether it be classic and simple, or having custom designed inlays, borders and pendants. 


We strive to embrace and drive our customers' imagination and creative visions.

We are dedicated to the individual mastery of our craft and ensuring a breathtaking and unique finished product.

​About Us:

What our company believes in..

The Couture Floor Company  was created with the belief that each and every floor should be unique in design.

We offer a comprehensive design service that focuses on listening to your needs and understanding your vision. We provide the highest quality material to ensure an incomparable finished product.

With our technical expertise we offer honest professional advice and guidance to help bring your vision into focus.

With over fifteen years in the industry, our experience is extensive which greatly enables us to guide you in choosing  the right material for your specific project. 


* Quality

* Integrity

* Diversity