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Click the image or the link above to read our full blog post on Vinyl Asbestos Tile Flooring, and what options you have, once it's been discovered in your home.

Does your home have Asbestos Floor Tiles? 

Thousands of homes here in the northeast were built between the early 1950's and the late 1980's.  
That means there's a really good chance they contain Asbestos Tile Flooring somewhere inside.  

(VAT) Vinyl Asbestos Tile Flooring

In our full blog post on Vinyl Asbestos Floor Tiles, you'll find helpful tips on how to IDENTIFY if your existing flooring actually contains Asbestos or not.

We also provide you with an alternative solution for the Asbestos Flooring in your home, other than the timely and expensive Asbestos Abatement process.  

Then, we list all the possible flooring products that would be suitable after the Asbestos Tiles are taken care of.

Click here for the full post.

CLICK HERE to visit our Full Flooring Blog!

Remember, we're always here to help answer any questions you may have about your home, and what products would be recommended for each space.  

Feel free to call or email us for a FREE in-home consultation.

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"We are not just floors, 

but the concierge of your dream design."


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​But what do you do if you purchased a home and was never made aware of the existing Asbestos Tiles?  

Unfortunately, this happens pretty often.   As the years went on, once the manufacturing of Asbestos Tile Flooring ceased, new rules and regulations were put into place little by little.  So as a homes title was passed from one owner to the next, the various documents that were required, changed along the way.  Meaning, if you were to sell an older home today, and the home contains existing Vinyl Asbestos Tile, the paperwork for your sale requires an asbestos disclosure, even if it wasn't required when you initially purchased it.