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Westchester County Flooring

Westchester Hardwood Flooring - Sanding and Refinishing in Westchester County NY

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ORIGIN: South America, mainly Brazil

AKA - "Goncalo Alves"

Site-finished solid Brazilian Koa wood flooring

brazilian koa tigerwood hardwood flooring-exotic hardwood flooring installation in westchester-hardwood flooring installation in westchester-westchester floor covering-kitchens with hardwood image
brazilian koa tigerwood hardwood flooring-exotic hardwood flooring in westchester-exotic hardwood flooring installation in westchester-custom hardwood flooring in westchester-sanding and refinishing in westchester

​Description -

Tigerwood is an exotic wood species that is best known for its beautiful graining. With its deep reddish-orange background with dark vein striping, it is a dramatic and durable hardwood.  Tigerwood has a wide range of coloring and striping. The striping can vary from fine lines to bold strokes and the color can have a large degree of color change from a light orange and tan to a deep reddish brown. It also has a highly lustrous surface that is considered almost oily in appearance. 

Exotic hardwood flooring-hardwood flooring installation in westchester-brazilian koa-tigerwood hardwood-custom exotic hardwood installation westchester county ny

Appearance -

With trees growing up to a height of 80 feet or more, it can be found in the top canopy of forests as well as the lower story and has no special soil requirements.  Tigerwood is commonly used to produce flooring products and is considered very durable, and it resists denting and traffic wear very well.  Depending on the amount of sunlight it receives, the color will darken over time.  This beautiful, exotic wood is a great choice for either an entire floor or accent border.

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From Tree -to- Raw Material -to-Beautiful Hardwood floor

​A reference guide of wood species

Brazilian Koa tree-exotic hardwood in westchester-tigerwood hardwood origin-exotic hardwood installation in westchester

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Brazilian Koa Cut Tree

Brazilian Koa Tree

Pre-Finished Tigerwood flooring

"We are not just floors, but the concierge of your dream design."

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Brazilian Koa/Tigerwood(Astronium Fraxinifolium)