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​​American Cherry(Prunus serotina)

American Cherry hardwood flooring grain lines up close

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American Cherry hardwood flooring installed and site-finished


     The "Black Cherry" hardwood is one of the softer woods with a Janka rating of only 950, and won't resist scratches and dents as well as most other hardwoods. Despite its lower Janka rating, cherry is structurally stable and highly resistant to rot and decay. Indoor installations of cherry lumber will last for generations, growing richer in color every year.

American Cherry solid hardwood flooring

FromTree-to-Raw Material-to-Beautiful Hardwood floor

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Scaly bark of the American Black Cherry

​​​​The Couture Floor Company

Native Growth Map

American Black Cherry Tree

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Cherry hardwood flooring

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Natural grain lines of Cherry hardwood


"Black Cherry" hardwood has a pale, pinkish yellow hue when initially cut. This color changes rather quickly to a darker reddish brown with exposure to sunlight.

     The wood of the cherry tree is popular among woodworkers for being a very well-rounded species. It is cheaper than walnut, more workable than maple and oak, and exhibits some of the most beautiful colors and grain patterns of any domestic species.

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Blossoms of the American Black Cherry


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     Commonly called "black cherry," a woody plant species native to eastern North America, from eastern Canada through southern Quebec and Ontario; south through the eastern United States to Texas and central Florida. In North America, the most commonly sold species of Cherry wood is "Black Cherry."  A number of other domestic and imported species are sold with 'cherry' in their name, but only wood from the genus "Prunus" is true cherry lumber. 

Pale hues of the American Black Cherry tree freshly cut