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The Couture Floor Company in Mahopac, NY on Houzz
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The Couture Floor Company

"We are not just floors,

but the concierge of your dream design."


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Know what your flooring is telling you -

If you see that your flooring is Cupping or Crowning, it's telling you that there is a problem.  

When your wood flooring is showing crowning...

it generally means there is additional moisture content on the top of the planks, as opposed to cupping, where the moisture is coming from underneath.  

Crowning can occur under multiple circumstances.  Directly applying water to your flooring, either by accident from a large spill, or by making the mistake of mopping your flooring with an old style mop and bucket, will cause your flooring to show signs of crowning.

When your flooring planks are cupping...

it generally means that there is elevated moisture content underneath the flooring.  The natural wood absorbs this additional moisture, but not evenly.  When there is more moisture or even direct water, underneath the wood planks, this is when cupping occurs.  The bottom expands and swells, causing the top to take on a concave shape and appearance.  

Read even more about cupping of wood flooring in the full blog post HERE.  

General Maintenance - 

Also, not maintaining your homes temperature and relative humidity levels can also cause your floors to crown.  When the weather changes in to the summer months, and the humidity levels rise, the natural reaction of wood is to absorb this additional moisture in the air.  Proper maintenance of your homes climate is key in avoiding warping and further damage.