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The Couture Floor Company in Mahopac, NY on Houzz
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When considering the layout for your new flooring, there are a few options.  

There's the classic "Straight Lay," there's "RandomWidthFlooring," "DiagonalLay," and some of parquets most popular styles of "Herringbone" and "Chevron."  There are also structural considerations that need to be addressed in order to lay a hardwood floor in certain directions.  Things like which direction your flooring joists are installed play a big roll in choosing what direction makes the most sense to lay your new flooring.  

If you're interested in changing the direction of the floors in your home, give us a call and we'll be able to discuss what your options are and assist you in giving you the floor of your dreams.

Choosing your floors layout pattern is a very important step in planning your renovation/remodel. 

It has an unknowingly huge impact on how big the space can appear, as well as influencing the overall flow of your home.  You may be very surprised at how different a room can look, simply by changing the direction the flooring is laid.

The Couture Floor Company

"We are not just floors, 

but the concierge of your dream design."


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