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Floor Care and Maintenance Tip # 1: 

Take off your shoes-  It's most common to find that the majority of a floors and tear is right in front of the exterior and garage doors.  So do't feel like you're being rude when asking guests to remove their shoes!  

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Tip # 3 & 4 :

Don't Use Wet Mop's and Harsh Chemical Cleaners-  Old-style wet mops are a HUGE no-no for wood and laminate floors!  They simply put too much moisture directly onto the floor, which sits there while you're cleaning, and seeps into the seams having the potential to cause all kinds of moisture issues with your floor.  We always recommend using dry mops like the many brands out today with microfiber (or similar) cloths.  Any kind of chemical cleaner you put on your flooring has the potential to wear the finish away or leave residue.  We find that the BEST products on the market are ones like Ammonia-Free Windex.  They clean really well, will not harm your floors finish, and you can use them on, literally, every flooring surface in your home!  Just mist the windex and follow with the dry microfiber cloth.


Here are some QUICK TIPS from our full Blog on floor care and maintenance....

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Here are some floor care and cleaning products we highly recommend to ALL our flooring clients.  These items we've listed here are really all you need for any type of flooring in your home!  

Tip # 2:

Sweep or Vacuum Regularly-  The best place to start with maintenance is prevention;  Keeping your floors clean and free from debris and dirt from shoes or pets, or even food spills, is the first line of defense from scratches and wear on the floors finish.