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Hickory Hardwood flooring in the "Rustic" Grade

Northern Hickory Native Growth Map

Wide plank Hickory hardwood flooring


Hickory is the hardest, heaviest and strongest American wood with a Janka rating of 1820.  The sapwood of hickory is white, tinged with inconspicuous fine brown lines while the heartwood is  pale to reddish brown.  Its coarse-textured and grain line is fine and usually straight but can be wavy or irregular. 


     Hickory is a versatile flooring option.  It can have many different looks, depending on the hardwood grade that you choose.  There are "Select " grades which prove to be much more clear and even-toned in color and natural blemishes, and there are "Rustic" grades which are very common in log cabin style homes, for those who are searching for that truly rustic look.

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Hickory hardwood flooring

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Hickory Hardwood Flooring up close

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Northern Hickory lumber
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Hickory hardwood flooring


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Northern Hickory waiting for the mill

"We are not just floors, but the concierge of your dream design."

Hickory Hardwood Flooring  showing natural variations in color

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Rustic Grade Hickory hardwood flooring
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Northern Hickory Tree

Wide Plank Hickory - Natural

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​   There are many different species of Hickory.  In fact, there are 11 or 12 known to be native to the United States, two to four are from Canada and four are found in Mexico.  
     Tree heights range from 60 to 120 feet. Hickories grow slowly and it is not unusual for a tree to take 200 years to mature.

     A few interesting facts about Hickory's hardwood: During the journey into the West, pioneers made hickory a prerequisite for their wagon wheels, along with many other hand made tools.  


     Later, the Wright Brothers whittled hickory for their famous "flying contraption." And it all started with Native Americans, particularly in the Northeast, who used hickory for their bows.  (If that's not a conversation starter for guests who come to see your new Hickory floors, I don't know what is.)

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