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installing coretec flooring in your home; where it makes sense; an overview of Coretec Plus's 7 different flooring lines and styles.

What is COREtec?

COREtec is "Engineered Vinyl Plank flooring,” or “EVP” for short, and it’s simply great all around.  COREtec created an entirely new category of flooring.  It's not just the water-proof vinyl and soft, eco-friendly cork, with the exception of the COREtec One line which doesn’t have the attached cork underlayment, installing COREtec means you’d get the best of both.  It comes in so many styles that you could literally install this in every room of your home and have different looks throughout.  It is manufactured as floating clickable planks; which means there's no messy glue or harmful VOC'S.  These planks and tiles are, by far, the most durable on the market today.  They are vinyl on top and have a waterproof core.  The core is called "Hydracore," and it's not like anything else.  It's constructed of recycled wood, bamboo dust, limestone and virgin PVC; the material itself is so waterproof that even if submerged under water, it won't swell.  The cork underlayment makes this material much softer, warmer and quieter than hardwood or tile.


Click the image or the link above to read the full blog on installing Coretec flooring in your home.

Remember, we’re always here to help guide you in the direction that makes the most sense for whatever space you’re remodeling.  We want to guide you’re flooring decision in the right direction.   We’ve mentioned COREtec flooring in a number of other blog posts because it’s simply, a great solution for so many different areas of the home!


I’m sure that you’ve heard about this great product called Coretec by now.  A few years back, it took the flooring industry by storm, and has only improved since its first arrival.  

installing coretec flooring blog; read all about coretec plus's 7 different flooring lines, learn what styles and colors each line offers, and where it can be installed in your home.

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Built with long lasting durability in mind, these engineered vinyl planks have been designed for both commercial and residential use and are perfect for living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, basements, laundry rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, playrooms, family rooms, dens, garages, offices and really any other areas of your home or business.  It's easy to keep up with flooring trends and have a material that, well, just makes sense too! COREtec flooring is considered the next revolution of luxury vinyl.

It’s waterproof and mold resistant making it a great choice for moisture prone areas of the home.
COREtec is such an incredible kind of flooring.  If moisture is or may be a potential issue for your basement floor, or any other room of your home that has a slab/cement subfloor,  than looking at the vast variety of styles that COREtec offers is a GREAT place to start.

flooring blog: installation of coretec flooring in your home with eco-friendly cork underlayment.

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In our blog post, you can read an overview of COREtec Plus's 7 different lines, how each differ, and the style options that each line come in.

  But here's a brief overview:

installing coretec flooing; information and product overview of coretec plus's 7 different flooring lines.