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Click on the link above or the image to read the full blog post on Post-Flood Improper Drying: What Risks Your Home is Facing

There are many working parts of every home that can cause minor and major flooding, along with damage.  Here is a list of some of the most common parts of a home that can cause water-damage -

* Plumbing that is either old, or wasn't “winterized” properly, 

* Water-heaters or water-tanks that fail,

* Sump-pumps that back-up,

* Improper exterior drainage systems,

* Central HVAC systems with too much condensation, 

* Faulty roofing, 

* Broken/leaky appliances,

CLICK HERE to learn more about the two most common forms of Fungal Decay- "Wet" and "Dry Rot" and the damage your home is facing.

Here are a few good tips if your home is ever subject to a flood or water-damage:

Speed Drying -

This is a way of using heaters and hot air to force the moisture out.  (If you live in a tropical climate, however, this may not be the method you should choose)

Dehumidification -

The use of Desiccant Dehumidifiers is very common in flood restoration.  (A Desiccant can be found made up of a variety of different chemicals, which is most commonly found as a solid, which absorbs all the moisture around it, and contains it, a common example of a Desiccant are the little packets of Silica that you may find in a new purse or pair of shoes).  Another type of Dehumidifier that is commonly used is a “Heat Exchange Dehumidifier” which works by drawing air over a cold surface then the water is condensed and taken out of the atmosphere.

 Fresh Air -

Sometimes, depending on a few factors, like where your home is located, and what time of year it is, simply opening all the doors and windows in the home can be very effective in speeding up the drying process.

Ok, so once you’ve taken steps to dry out your home, how do you know for sure, if it’s REALLY dry, and ready for new finishes?  Well, one great tool we use on every flooring job we have is a moisture reader.  They come in all different kinds, and are made to read the moisture content of each kind of material.  Another way to help you know for sure if there is still high levels of moisture in your home somewhere, is to get a home inspection done.  Chances are, if you encountered severe flood damage, and submitted it to your insurance agency, they’ll send someone to inspect and assess the issues.  Damp materials in the infrastructure of any home will cause big issues over time.  Serious structural damage can and will eventually occur like wood rot, making it a huge expense to replace and salvage, so taking the extra step In adequate drying is really important for the longevity of your home.

The Couture Floor Company

"We are not just floors, 

but the concierge of your dream design."


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The biggest health risk that your home will face after sever water damage isn't properly dried, is the growth of toxic mold. 

Looking deeper in to the structure of your home, another big risk it's facing is one that you won't catch for years; it's the growth of Fungal Decay.

The two most common forms of Fungal Decay are Wet and Dry Rot.

No one is ever really prepared to deal with what comes after flooding in your home.  

We understand the urgency to get things back to normal and livable as quickly as possible, but the threats that your home is facing if the flooded area isn't properly dried, are dangerous and real.​  Taking the time to properly remove the sitting water, and completely dry out whatever material it came in contact with are crucial to keeping your home a safe and healthy place for you and your family.