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Pre-finished hardwood flooring is great for pet-owners and is ready to be walked on faster, but you're style choices are limited to default stain colors, leaving little room for customization.

 Cons of Pre-Finished Hardwood Flooring:

     1. You don’t have the option to customize the appearance

     2. (For some) Micro-Beveled edges are considered a “con”

     3. The install has to be done more carefully, in turn taking more time

     4. You don’t have the option of screening and re-coating, a full sanding would have to be done

     5. Limited to manufacturer-set sheen levels (you can’t always find the specific species and color flooring with the sheen-level you’re looking for)

Site-Finished hardwood floors take longer to cure, which could keep you out of the area for while, causing inconvenience.

    Pros of Unfinished Hardwood:

    1. Custom everything!  Limitless finish/appearance opportunities            (design, lay, varying widths, borders, stain colors, pendants, texture, etc…) you have the ability to create a truly couture floor.

    2. You can match existing hardwood flooring in the home and/or weave-into a particular room.

    3. You have the ability to perform a screen and re-coating of the floors finish if the finish wears or there are scratches, without doing a                complete sanding.

    4. You have the option of choosing your sheen level, matte, satin, semi-gloss or high-gloss.

    5. You can choose your polyurethane or oil finish, (water-borne, oil- based, UV cured, mono-coat, etc…) 

Pre-finished hardwood flooring

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   Cons of Unfinished Hardwood:

    1. The sanding and finishing process can be long and tedious and  can be messy if proper precautions  are not taken
(We always provide  our  dustless system with every hardwood  floor we finish)

    2. The smell that comes with  stain and oil-based polyurethane can  be overwhelming to people who are  sensitive to strong smells

    3. The length of time it takes for  the polyurethane on the flooring to  fully cure (30 days)

    4. The time you need to wait to  walk on the floors, move your  furniture back and place area rugs is  longer than that of a pre-finished  floor (24 hours for socks, 48 hours  for  shoes, 4 days for furniture, 2  weeks for  pets, and 30 days for area  rugs)

Pre-finished hardwood flooring vs. site-finished hardwood flooring

      Pros of Pre-finished      Hardwood:

    1. Faster install time

    2. You don’t have to deal with the          process of sanding and                      refinishing

    3. You can walk on it, have your           pets on it, put down area rugs,           and move your furniture back           the same day the install is done

    4. More scratch resistant with a            more durable Aluminum Oxide        finish

    5. The finish is a smooth and even         coat which holds no threat of             human error 

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Site-Finished (unfinished) Hardwood flooring with a custom flooring border