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Red Oak Tree

Red Oak comes in three main grades;   "Select" (Better quality/preferred grade),

                                                           "Common No. 1,"

                                                           "Common No. 2"


     Out of the three grades, the "Select" grade is what we recommend to all our customers.  It is the highest quality of the three and includes the least amount of waste per bundle.   Select is cut from the heartwood and sapwood of the tree and includes natural color variations with the least amount of blemishes, knots or wormholes. 

     What you get with a "select" Red Oak floor, is a consistently clean look with all the beauty and character of its natural grain lines.

Select grade Red Oak Hardwood flooring installed and unfinished

Red Oak (Quercus Rubra)

     Commonly called "Northern Red Oak."  Native to Northern America, Northeastern United States and Southeastern Canada.  The Red Oak grows between 90 - 100 feet tall, it is one of the most common and readily available species of hardwood flooring. 


     Red Oak is known for its durability and long life with a Janka rating of 1290.  Because of this, it has been the traditional flooring used for centuries throughout the world.  Evidence of Oaks durability can be seen in homes built around the turn of the century which still have the original solid Oak flooring intact.

red oak hardwood tree
red oak hardwood flooring/ select grade
Red oak solid hardwood flooring

Select grade Red Oak Hardwood flooring installed that has been sanded and finished.

FromTree -to-Raw Material -to-Beautiful Hardwood floor

Reference guide of wood species

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