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COMMON NAMES - Walnut, American Walnut, Black Walnut

ORIGIN - Eastern United States and Canada

North American Walnut Tree trunk depicting the natural contrast of its inner dark heartwood, and outer light-colored sapwood.

north american black walnut tree

North American Black Walnut Tree

Walnut tree/where walnut hardwood flooring comes from

Characteristics -

     The "Black Walnut" tree is the most common of the Walnut species in North America. It is native to most of the Eastern half of the United States and Canada, from Quebec to Florida and the Atlantic coast to the eastern edge of the Great Plains.  It is a relative of the hickory family.

     Walnut is well known for its exceptionally high quality wood which is strong and durable.  Though the densities differ with each species, the North American Walnut, or "Black Walnut" has a Janka rating of 1010, while the "Brazilian Walnut," an exotic hardwood species, holds an astounding Janka rating of 3684. 

American Black Walnut,  (Juglans nigra) 

Pre-finished Natural American Walnut hardwood flooring.

The Couture Floor Company

"We are not just floors,

but the concierge of your dream design."


america walnut solid hardwood flooring

Appearance -

     The Walnut tree is truly unique in character.  It is one of the only woods whose heartwood has a naturally rich, deep chocolate brown color, while its contrasting sapwood is a pale cream color.  Its almost never stained, but valued for its organic character.  The natural coloring of Walnut is characteristically light, warm and neutral and harmonizes with any kind of decorative color scheme. The grain lines are calm and have a natural flow throughout the hardwood planks, and it is known to finish beautifully. 

​​North American Black Walnut hardwood

American Black Walnut Hardwood Flooring

FromTree-to-Raw Material -to-Beautiful Hardwood floor

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