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Characteristics - 

The name "Zebrawood" is used to describe several tree species and the wood they produce. The name originally applied to the wood of "Astronium graveolens,"a large tree native to Central America, mainly West Africa.  It is a tree of medium to large size, commonly growing along riverbanks. It can grow to heights of 150 feet with trunk diameters of 4 to 5 feet. When cut it gives off an unpleasant aroma which disappears as it dries. 

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Zebrawood, (Microberlinia brazzavillensis)


Zebrawood is truly an exotic and unique wood that is characterized by a striped figure which is reminiscent of a zebra. Zebrawood floors can certainly add a unique feel to any home decorating project. The heartwood is a pale golden yellow, distinct from the very pale color of the sapwood and has narrow streaks of dark brown to black. Zebrawood can also be a pale brown with regular or irregular marks of dark brown in varying widths. It is almost always quarter sawn to get the exciting alternating colour pattern and straight grain. It is a true exotic wood, with limited availability and relatively high prices.

Zebrawood flooring installed and site-finished natural.

Zebrawood flooring, like many other exotic hardwood flooring, may also be available in an engineered flooring material. 

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Pre-finished Zebra wood flooring.

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ORIGIN - Central America & West Africa

COMMON NAMES - African Zebrawood, Zebrano

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Exotic flooring by Mullican - Zebrawood engineered:
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